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Module settings

This module can let you control some internal settings of Auto.js, such as stable mode, foreground service, etc.

const { foregroundService, stableMode } = require('settings');

foregroundService.value = true;
console.log('foregroundService enabled:', foregroundService.value);

stableMode.value = true;




Const enableAccessibilityServiceByRoot

enableAccessibilityServiceByRoot: SettingItem<boolean> = ...

Enable Accessibility Service with Root permission. If enabled, Auto.js will try to enable with Root permission the next time you enable it.

Const foregroundService

foregroundService: SettingItem<boolean> = ...

Foreground Service. Used for keeping alive and screenshot permission.

Const noConsoleOnLaunch

noConsoleOnLaunch: SettingItem<boolean> = ...

Do not show console view when starting. If enabled, the console view will not be shown when the released app starting.

Const stableMode

stableMode: SettingItem<boolean> = ...

Stable Mode. If enabled, the AccessibilityServiceInfo's FLAG_INCLUDE_NOT_IMPORTANT_VIEWS flag will be removed, and the layout analysis will ignore layout details. The setting will take effect next time you enable accessibility service.



Const stopAllOnVolumeUp

stopAllOnVolumeUp: SettingItem<boolean> = ...

Stop all scripts when pressing volume up. If enabled, all scripts will be stopped when pressing volume up. Only works in released apps.